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April 26, 2010

Chinese Dry Wall – Self Assesment Guide

This is a self-assessment guide for signs that a home may be affected by drywall associated corrosion.

Indicator 1 – Age of Home

The problem of drywall associated corrosion is known to occur in homes built, renovated or repaired with drywall replacement since 2001-2008.

Indicator 2 – Blackening corrosion of air conditioning evaporator coil or repeated A/C evaporator coil failure

This corrosion can result in refrigerant leakage making it impossible to cool the home requiring evaporator coil replacement. This type of corrosion is characterized by the blackening of copper in and around the air handler unit. Note that accessing the A/C coils may be dangerous, and should be performed by a licensed A/C contractor or inspector.

Indicator 3 – Observed metal corrosion

Electrical wiring as well as other copper, silver and metal fixtures may exhibit sulfide corrosion when exposed to the reduced sulfur gases. Most of the following items may be examined by the homeowner. Due to the electrical shock hazard presented by live wires, we recommend you hire a licensed electrician or inspector to inspect electrical system components.

* copper wires, ground wires, and electrical connectors

* un-insulated and un-coated copper pipes and fittings

* chrome-plated bathroom fixtures

* silver and copper jewelry

* mirror backing in bathrooms

Final Analysis:

If you answered ‘Yes’ to all three of the previous questions, the home meets our criteria for a possible case of drywall associated corrosion. Before proceeding to remediate your home, we recommend you have your home evaluated by a trained professional to see if your home meets Indicator 3 for a confirmed case.

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