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April 26, 2010

What Should You Look For In An Inspector?

Check out your Inspector

All home inspectors are NOT created equal. Choosing the right certified home inspection company is crucial. To make certain your home inspector is a qualified and certified, you need to check out your inspector. Follow this important advice and you will be able to make an informed real estate purchase with the assistance of a certified home inspector. The following information has been prepared to assist you in evaluating and selecting the best certified home inspection company:

What is the reputation of the inspector?

The home inspector you select should be backed by solid experience and enjoy a reputation for satisfied clients. Building a favorable reputation takes years of dedication to inspector training as well as customer satisfaction. Ask real estate professionals and friends about their experiences with the various home inspectors in the area.

Be sure to ask these important questions about your home inspector:

How much experience does the inspector have?

Does the inspector receive on-going training?

Is the inspector certified by a reputable national not for profit organization like NAHI?

Is a written report available at the time of the inspection?

Is the inspection performed to an accepted national standard?

Are photographs included in the inspection?
Can the report and photographs be sent electronically if you are unable to attend the inspection?

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