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Services we provide:

Our complete home inspection includes:

Electrical Plumbing Heating and air conditioning
Site Inspection Roof Interior Exterior
Kitchen Bathroom Attic Garage

Inspections are performed according to NAHI  standards of practice.

4-point Insurance inspections include:

  1. Roof
  2. Plumbing
  3. Electrical
  4. Heating and  A/C


New construction inspections:

These are preformed when necessary for your bank or your personal assurance and are performed at regular intervals or as requested.  Digital photography is included as usual and results can be emailed upon request.

Wind mitigation inspection:

These allow you to apply for any discounts your home may qualify for.  Yearly insurance discounts of $400 or more are possible.  So don’t miss out!  Florida law requires insurance companies to give discounts for homes which have certain construction methods making them more hurricane resistant.  How do I know if my home qualifies for a discount?  Most homes built since the 1960s will qualify for some discount.  Typical discounts are given for:

  • homes built after 2002
  • homes which were reroofed to meet the 2002 or later codes
  • homes with a hip roof
  • homes with hurricane uplift restraints

Give us a call at 941-741-9733 to schedule your inspection!

We Provide a 200% guarantee

When the inspector has finished going over the report with you on
site at the end of the inspection, if you are not totally satisfied
with the home inspection and our service, simply provide your specific
concerns in writhing and we will refund the base inspection fee paid
for the home inspection and pay another Florida licensed home
inspector of your choice our base fee for the inspection..

Rules for the Guarantee.

1. Client must be present at the inspection.
2. Client must provide their specific concerns in writing to the
inspector before leaving the inspection.
3 Client must return any and all copies of the inspection report to
the inspector.
4. Client will be refunded the inspection fee. The base fee amount
we charged, we will pay that amount to another Florida licensed home
inspector of your choice to reinspect the home.
5. Guarantee only applies to a full home inspection and does not
include additional services provided.

Remember Our Advantages

We have been performing home inspections since 1997
We provide a 200% home buyer satisfaction guarantee.
We provide a computer generated report on site, no waiting for the report.
We provide an overview page for quick access to the comments in the report.
We provide color digital photos with our report.
We man our phones during extended business hours.
We can usually schedule an inspection with two working days.
Inspections performed by a nationally certified & Florida Licensed
home inspector.