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Check out our new video testimonial then scroll down for what folks are saying about AHI!

Here’s what our clients say when asked what they were most impressed with after their home inspection!

“Thank you very much for your inspection. It was extremely helpful. You truly gave us peace of mind, knowing what to expect with this house. Thank you again for your help.”
– K. & M. B.

“Thank you for a very thorough, and thought provoking report. I’m going to look at other properties and Susan will contact you when I find a home I’d like inspected. When I find a place that needs repairs I am not capable of handling, or require the services of a licensed contractor, I’d appreciate your recommendations.”
– D.S.

“This man was very polite and trustworthy.  His word is his bond.  I recommend him highly!  This inspection was worth every penny.”
– J. R. M.

“More than I expected, thoroughness of inspection.”
– J. M.

“We were satisfied by the thoroughness of the inspection.  Made aware of problems we did not initially see.  Impressed!”
– G. S.

“Most impressed with patience and attention to detail.”
– J. K.

“Impressed with knowledge and completeness of checks.  Overall, well worth time and money spent.”

– P. B.

“Did a great job.  Very thorough, thanks!”
– J. C.

“Most impressed with the quality in providing information and explanations with inspection.”
– M. P.

“Impressed with inspector’s patience.  I was very happy with service.”
– T. A.

“Additional recommendations to save energy… very thorough, prompt and friendly.”
– J. F.

“Thoroughness of the inspection was very helpful.  Great job, very informative, caught things that we would have taken for granted.”
– M. B.

“Thoroughness and willingness to explain findings.”
– H. P.